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Your Audio Systems announces dedicated AES67 solution for Linux

Your Audio Systems GmbH, young innovative engineering company specializing in audio over IP, announces a dedicated software solution for decoding AES67 in embedded Linux.

AES67 is an open standard for transmitting high performance digital audio over IP networks. The standard was developed by the Audio Engineering Society and builds on existing open protocols. It defines a common protocol suite providing standard means for clock synchronization, quality of service and transport, which allows interoperability between various IP-based audio networking systems.

Your Audio Systems’ Orchestra software brings high performance AES67 decoding capability to embedded Linux environment. It allows to implement embedded audio devices with synchronization and latency approaching the performance of hardware based decoders, purely in software. A software implementation of AES67 not just provides the full flexibility of customization. It also can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of new hardware designs. Already existing designs can be equipped with AES67 decoding capabilities with a simple software update.

Linux is the most common operating system in embedded devices. Although software packages able to decode AES67 streams on Linux are available, their performance is not reaching the needs of the professional audio and they demand too many resources. The Orchestra software has been designed from the very first moment for use in professional embedded audio devices. Even a low-end platform can now decode AES67 stream with a few millisecond latency while using a fraction of the CPU.

While AES67 defines the audio protocol in great detail, it leaves the management and control protocols open. Therefore the Audio Engineering Society released an accompanying standard AES70. The Orchestra software is controlled via SAP/SDP protocol, while the implementation works on the latest revision of AES70 are finishing. The complete AES70-2017 control will be available already in Q1/18.

Your Audio Systems builds on more than 12 years of expertise in the audio over IP industry. The Zürich/Switzerland based company brings innovations in the field of timing sensitive networks, focusing on embedded Linux solutions.