And what about your project?

Our experts bring over 12 years of professional experience in audio over IP and embedded engineering.
More than 100'000 devices successfully installed worldwide carry their signature.



Our Skills

During our rich history in the audio-over-IP industry our experts have contributed to many successful projects. Just a few examples among many:

Background music players for large retail chains in Switzerland and the EU. Ethersound decoding software for a highly resource limited x86 platform. Specialized firmware for very low latency audio transmission in an evacuation system. Distributed cloud solution for delivery of music and adverts in retail. The common denominator for all these projects were reliability, long life, service-free operation and quality audio.

Therefore we are not ashamed to say that we know how to develop embedded audio devices for industrial use. And this know-how we would like to offer to our customers.

Our Services

System Design

  • system and device architecture
  • hardware/software co-design
  • platform selection and evaluation


  • firmware and application development
  • project management
  • software engineering

Standard Product Customization

  • porting and code optimizations for target platforms
  • custom modifications and adaptations
  • integration into your products


  • consultancy
  • training
  • professional support


See our competencies

Key Competencies

Audio over IP

  • audio distribution, PA, intercom, recording
  • low-latency audio, AES67, Ethersound
  • timing and synchronization (PTP)
  • IP-based as well as non-IP and proprietary audio protocols
  • compressed audio
  • signal processing, DSP programming


  • Bootloader
  • Kernel and driver development
  • Custom hardware support, BSP
  • Device management


  • embedded devices and systems
  • hardware, software, platform
  • low-level and assembly-language development

Networking, operating systems

  • standard and proprietary OS, Linux
  • real-time
  • network protocols, stacks
  • middleware
  • distributed audio systems