The AES67 &AES70 solution for embedded Linux

AES67 Software for Linux

Your Audio Systems’ ORCHESTRA is the first professional AES67 & AES70 decoding software for Linux. From the very beginning it has been designed and optimized for use in embedded devices. With performance and quality in mind.

What is AES67?

AES67 is an open interoperability standard for transmitting high performance digital audio over IP networks. It defines a common base where various vendors previously used to communicate with their own, often competing protocols. Such as Dante, Ravenna, Livewire or Q-LAN. So that equipment from different vendors can communicate with each other.

Why AES67 Software for Linux?

Until now two types of AES67 solutions could be found on the market. Many companies offer a hardware based solution. Either as an integrated chip or a specialized board with some form of dedicated hardware (FPGA). This is to meet the strict synchronization and latency requirements in high performance audio networks. Hardware based solutions offer the best performance but for the price of specialized and costly hardware.

The second type of solutions available are purely software solutions – virtual sound cards, for Windows or Mac OS. Their main goal is the integration of a personal computer into the audio network. To use as an audio source, as a monitoring console, for recording, etc. The available virtual sound cards often suffer from high latencies or uncontrollable jitter induced by the limits of the operating system. Therefore cannot be used in embedded devices.

Similarly, on Linux there are existing frameworks capable of decoding AES67, like e.g. the Gstreamer. However due to its design and high demands on memory and CPU it is not suitable for embedded use if very low latency audio needs to be played.

Our Approach

In Your Audio Systems we recognized the weaknesses of the existing solutions and designed purely software based solution, which takes the advantages of both worlds. Our ORCHESTRA is an AES67 software for Linux, which is designed from the first moment on to run on embedded hardware. That means low memory and CPU requirements, while keeping the high performance.

ORCHESTRA can run on any Linux capable embedded hardware. Even on a low-end hardware it is capable of decoding with the overall end-to-end latency of only few milliseconds. Because it uses just a few per-cent of the CPU power, there is plenty of room left for other applications.

This therefore makes it a perfect fit even for use-cases where power or cost are a concern. The ORCHESTRA software allows to build AES67 capable embedded devices without the need of an expensive hardware. With ORCHESTRA you can even add AES67 functionality into your existing audio devices with a simple software update!

Key Features

AES67 compatible

Integrates with Dante, Ravenna and other networks

Can run on virtually any Linux audio device

High quality audio
Up to 24-bits/96kHz/8 channels
High performance

<1ms decoding latency

Sub microsecond clock synchronization

Designed for embedded
Small memory footprint

Low MIPS usage

PTP clock synchronisation

Using IEEE1588-2008 (PTP)

Easy to use

AES70 control
High level API for easy integration
Zero configuration playback using SAP/SDP discovery